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A Little About Me:

I am currently a student working through an ADT in Screenwriting, hoping to move into Narrative Design for games. Writing has been a big part of my life and it's only been recently that I discovered my talent with it. I like to think that creators have kept their childlike imagination and carried into their adult life. Depending on my mood, I can either produce blunt and crude pieces or thought-provoking existential dramas. There is no in-between (although sometimes there is).

I tend not to finish most things I start but rest assured I am always working on something!

Samples of my Writings:

Have You Played This Game.docx

Personal Narrative:

Have You Played This Game?

Your New Nightmare Made Manifest in the Darkness of Night.docx

Short Story:

Your New Nightmare Made Manifest in the Darkness of Night

Tools for creation Tools for destruction


Tools for creation  Tools for destruction

Back to work I go...

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